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Ship’s Store Updates

The Ship’s Store is being updated, so check back often.

Our Must-Have Mug is now better quality and a lower price – two attributes that are never together, right? Check it out.

And, The Versatile Pillow Case? We bought four for the bed, and a couple extra ones. When they arrived, we got a wild-hair…  you know about ‘wild-hair,’ doncha? On the two extra ones, we cut a small hole in the hem around the open end and threaded a thin cord through, left a foot or two extra length and tied the end together. It became a quite attractive sack to carry, well, anything. We bagged up all our extra sets of sheets in one and stowed it in the linen locker. We dropped some beach towels and sun tan lotion in the other one. It’s a grab bag for the beach!

Watch for cell phone cases coming soon.

And, upgraded clothing offerings.

It’s an amazing and liberating thing to be Nautically Disturbed!

Tell your friends how you’ve found freedom and send them to NauticallyDisturbed.org!

Yours bouyantly,

Bill and Gerry

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